Hraunskirkja í Keldudal

Church number 2009

-23.74897E, 65.90792N

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XIX, Iceland

Hraunskirkja, built in 1885, is situated on the fjord called Dýrafjörður and for a long time the access to it was limited to sea. The church is one of oldest examples of towerless Icelandic timber churches. Hraunskirkja served as a parish church until 1971, but the valley of Keldudalur was deserted by1967. Originally the church was supposed to be demolished, but in 1998 the National Museum of Iceland decided to renovate it and the church was taken back into service in 2000. It is now under the Museum´s supervision. Nearby Hraunskirkja there is Gvendarbrunnur, a natural spring, believed to be blessed, therefore its water was often used for baptism.