Church number 2130

10.68298E, 59.90786N

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XIII, Norway

Gol church was transferred from Gol town in Hallingdal area to the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo. This object is dated 1212 according to the tree-ring dating research. When the city of Gol built a new church around 1880 it was decided to demolish the old one. The society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments saved the church and bought the materials in order to re-erect it in a different location. Thanks to the support of King Oscar II, who financed the re-location and reconstruction, it was possible to situate the church in a private open-air ethnographic museum near Oslo. The renovation was supervised by an architect Waldemar Hansteen and was completed in 1885. The reconstruction was based on Borgund stavkirke style. Although the church is managed by the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, it still formally belongs to the ruling monarch.