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-20.61634E, 65.53806N

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XIX, Iceland

Þingeyrar has been a church site for a long time. The first cloister in Iceland was established in Þingeyrar in early 1200 and operated until 1550, longest of all Icelandic cloisters. It soon became the centre of literary learning and historic documentation. The present church was built in 1864-1877 by Sverrir Runólfsson. It is said to be an extraordinary architectonic achievement at the time. It was made of chiselled basaltic stones from a quarry 8 km away from the place of construction. The stones were prepared during summer and transported across a lake on sledges pulled by oxen during winter. Because of the solid construction work, the 85 cm thick walls have stood firm up to this date. The church possesses many precious artefacts from the earlier churches, such as the beautiful pulpit from 1695, decorated with carvings of holy men, and the baptismal font. It possesses also precious 15th century English alabaster altarpiece from Nottingham. The church is considered to be the most ceremonial and one of the most beautiful in the country. The church seats about 150 people.