Church number 2107

8.56637E, 61.83922N

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XIV, Norway

Stavkirke Lom is located in the borough Lom. The church has three naves and the free-standing inner columns supporting the ceiling of the main nave. This type of church is the oldest one out of stavkirke churches. The church is dated around the second half of XII century. In the XVII century the form of the church has been changed a lot, among other things, the shape of the church has been rebuilt on the plan of a cross, the nave has been enlarged on the West side and the chancel has been decorated with the paintings in 1608. A thorough renovation took place in 1933 and a less serious in 1973. Stavkirke Lom is one out of not many wooden churches that has an original medieval emblem with the head of a dragon. Nowadays, the church is used by the local people to celebrate services and in the summer season it is open for the tourists.