Church number 2106

10.13889E, 61.52965N

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XV, Norway

The Ringebu chuch is located in Norwegian borough Ringebu. It was built at the beginning of XIII century and it was dated by the coins which were found during the archeological research. The first note about this object comes from 1270. The temple was expanded on the plan of a cross in 1630 by the master of building Werner Olsen while in 1631 a distinctive red tower was added. The only things left from the original temple are the naves with free-standing post inside the building. In 1921 there were several attempts to bring it back to the original form. Under the church there were conducted some archeological research. There were found, among other things, about 900 old coins mainly medieval from 1217-1263 and openings left after the stilts from the previous church. Basing on that, it is supposed that log churches could have been precursors for the stave churches stavkirke. The reason why log churches were destructed was the dampness from the ground as the logs were situated directly in it. Nowadays, services are celebrated in Ringebu church and in the summer season it is open for the tourists.