Church number 2105

10.47639E, 61.11084N

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XII, Norway

The Garmo stavkirke originally comes from Garmo in Lom in Oppland. Nowadays, it is located in Maihaugen. It was built around 1150 at the place of a previous church. Earlier, it was supposed that the church was built in 1021 by the Viking leader. All the equipment in the church comes from XVII and XVIII century, e.g. the pulpit from Romsdalen. In 1730 it was extended on the plan of a cross. After the new parish church had been built in 1879, the stavkirke was taken into parts and sold on an auction. In 1882, the church was bought by Anders Sandvig who brought it to Lillehammer. It was re-erected in Maihaugen in 1920-1921 where nowadays is one of the most visited wooden churches in Norway.