Church number 2104

8.39972E, 61.16778N

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XIV, Norway

Oye temple is a three-nave church from the second half of XII century. The church was located by the Vangsmjose lake in Oye, however the Rodola rivers flooded almost every spring and in result, the corpses were wiped out from the cemetery. That was the reason why it was decided to move the church further from the river. In 1747 the temple was taken to pieces and the elements were hidden. At the place of the old stavkirke a new temple was erected. During the renovation of a new temple in 1935, the elements of an old stavkirke were found under the floor. 156 elements were retrieved all together and they were used to re-erect the medieval stavkirke. The built of the temple was finished in 1965. Oye stavkirke is one of the smallest and the oldest of the preserved wooden churches in Norway. Occasionally, it serves for some ceremonies but normally it is a museum object.