Church number 2126

9.01342E, 61.15963N

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XIII, Norway

Hegge stavkirke was built at the beginning of XIII century and it is situated in Oystre Slidre commune in Valdres. The first substantiated notice about the church is from 1327. A tree-ring dating suggests that the church was built around 1216. It is a church in a shape of a basilica; it has 8 free-standing columns that form a small arcade that surrounds the central part which has an erected roof. A runic inscription on the church says: ?Arns Erling has written these runes?. After the reformation, the roof was erected, which has changed the outer look. In 1706 and in 1712 some small changes were introduced, e.g. an altar was sculpted by a local artist. In 1924, the renovation of the temple was conducted, supervised by an architect Arnstein Arneberg, who later conducted the renovation of the cathedral in Hamar.