Church number 2125

9.50348E, 60.83429N

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XII, Norway

The church in Reinli is the third church built in the same place. It was erected in the mid XIII century in Reinli village in Sor-Aurdal commune. The first notice about the church come from Olaf Haraldsson who travelled across Valdres in 1023 and he also visited Reinli. It is supposed that before the year 1000 before the Christian church, there was a pagan temple. There is some inaccuracy in dating the church. The method of radiocarbon dating points to 1190 but it questions previous research. The following research suggested that the church was built after 1326 but this data seems to be wrong. It is possible that the church was rebuilt and they used material from the previous church. Reinli stavkirke is probably similar to the original form, however, some sources deny it. The inside of the church was being changed in 1884-1885 and the outside restoration works took place in 1976-1977. The church does not have any heating or electrical light. Outside the church there is an old one. It was stopped being used on 17th May, 1845 when the medieval law of corporate punishment was officially abolished.