Church number 2124

9.69585E, 60.62309N

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XII, Norway

Hedalen stavkirke is situated in Hedal, a small mouintain valley, in Sor-Aurdal commune in a traditional district of Valdres. The first notice about the church is from 1327. The original church was much smaller, it had one nave and was dated the first half of XII century. The west entrance was the part of the previous church. The portal that decorates the main entrance is one of the oldest, the richest and the most masterful in the whole country. It presents three winged dragons, one on each side of the curve and pilasters at the entrance and one above it. All three dragons are entwined in the shape of a tendril and a leaf. Reconstructions and expansion of the original building on the plan of a cross finished in 1699, although some sources mention 1738. Restoration works were conducted in 1902 and supervised by Carl Berner. During these works, the old vestry was replaced by a new chancel. It gave space for a new spire. The church has some of the Gothic elements, for example a wooden church tabernacle, a crucifix stylized as the tree of life and a Gothic Madonna with Baby Jesus, which replica stays in the Museum of History in Oslo. The temple serves as a parish church.