Wang Church

Shrine number 2102

15.72399E, 50.77766N

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XIV, Poland

The only stavkirke object located outside Norway is Wang Church in Poland, in Karpacz, Lower Silesia. The temple was purchased in 1842 and relocated from Norwegian town Vang by the King Frederick William IV of Prussia thanks to persuasion of I.C. Dahl, Norwegian painter and promoter of protecting Norwegian monuments. The construction of Wang Church is made without any nails as all the connections are made of wooden carpenter connectors. It was built at the turn of XII and XIII century in the south of Norway. In XIX century it became too small to gather local people so they decided to sell it in order to pull it down and re-erect in a different location. This decision facilitated paying back a part of loan that had been taken in order to build a new bigger temple. It also saved the old one. Wang Church is the oldest wooden church in Poland still used for religious purposes. It is Evangelical church of a local parish as well as the biggest tourist attraction of Karpacz and the nearest area.