Church number 2123

8.70800E, 60.66386N

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XII, Norway

Torpo stavkirke is situated in a small town Torpo in Al commune. Torpo stavkirke was built in 1192 and is the oldest building in the valley as well as in the traditional district Hallingdal. The church is dedicated to St. Margaret. The object was bought by the commune in 1875, which planned to expand it with an east annexe but in 1879 it was decided to modernize only the inside of a new ceiling and a gallery. As a result of protests of the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments, the commune decided to build a new church on a nearby plot. Nowadays, both churches stand next to each other. Torpo stavkirke is one of the two wooden churches that has visible signatures of the carpenters. The second one is the church from Al. Both buildings have the same signature: ?Torfo has built the church?. Full runic inscription in Torpo stavkirke is as follows: §A ?orolfr : g?r?i : kirku ?esa ÷: askrimr ÷ hakon ÷ ?likr ÷ pal ? ?inri?i ÷ si?nti ÷ ?orolfr §B ?orer ÷ r?ist §C olafr ??órolfr built this church. Ásgrímr, Hákon, Erlingr, Páll, Eindri?i, Sjaundi, ?órulfr. ?órir carved. Ólafr?