Church number 2120

8.83480E, 60.26514N

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XII, Norway

Uvdal church is situated in Uvdal commune in Numedal valley. Tree-ring dating research showed that the church was built after 1168 and the wood used for building it was not completely dry. The church was erected on the remnants of the previous one. Similar sacred objects in XII century were very small, their surface area was not bigger than 40 square metres. When they were becoming too small for the local people, they were enlarged, mainly just before and after the reformation which took place in 1537 in Norway. The nave of Uvdal church was first expanded East in the Medieval Ages. At the same time the original ceiling of the chancel was removed and the chancel itself was lengthen and an additional central column was added. The chancel was demolished in 1684 and a new bigger one was built. Next, in 1721-1723, the church was rebuilt and set on the plan of a cross. The oldest inner part was richly decorated with paintings probably in 1656 and during the expansion in 1684 and 1723. Nowadays, the church is a museum exhibit and it is under the custody of the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments. The church has been out of use since 1893, however, masses are still celebrated here in summer.