Church number 2118

9.00968E, 60.16438N

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XII, Norway

Nore temple is situated In Nore og Uvdal region. Tree-ring dating suggests that the Nore stavkirke was erected after 1167. The church was built in an original style: with galleries, a chancel and cross naves. Such architectonic style was nowhere else in Europe in Medieval Ages. It is called: ?Nummedals?. The church has also a central flagpole which originally was a support for a tower with bells. Walls and ceiling are decorated with paintings on the inside. There are Biblical scenes presented as riddles. In 1888, the church was bought by a historian and a professor of art history, Lorentz Dietrichson (1834-1917), who served a great role in founding the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments. Professor gave it away for the museum purposes in 1890.