Church number 2117

9.42966E, 59.86295N

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XIII, Norway

Flesberg church is like a gate to Numedal. This building, at first sight, does not resemble other stavkirke churches. It was probably built around 1200. The first written notice about the church is from 1359. It was originally one-nave church with four free-standing posts supporting an erected central roof. The roof was surrounded by an ambulatory or passages in all four directions. The church had narrower chancel with a lifted roof and a semicircular apse. It was completely surrounded by a gallery adjoining the walls. In 1735, the chancel with the apse as well as the east wall of the main nave were removed. The nave has been lengthen towards East and by adding two side naves, the plan of the church became in a shape of a cross. The new elements have been built in a horizontal log construction, which was not typical for log churches. Preserved elements from the original stavkirke are only three inner walls. The lifted roof has also been covered. This church serves as a parish church. It is open to tourists in summer.