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8.02052E, 59.46457N

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XV, Norway

Eidsborg stavkirke is located In Tokke region, Telemark commune, next to the Vest-Telemark Museum In Eidsborg. Although it is situated on the premises that belong to the museum, it serves as a parish church ? St. Nicolas?s from Bari church, the patron of travelers. It is one of the best preserved Norwegian wooden churches. Its uniqueness is thanks to the fact that the whole church, walls, logs and the roof, is covered with shingle. The time of built is dated between 1250 and 1300. It was partially rebuilt in XIX century ? in 1826 the choir was demolished and the new one was built in 1845-1850. Fortunately, the reconstruction works did not change the overall structure and shape of the church. In 1927 a major renovation was conducted, which uncovered XVII century painted statues, decorations and paintings from the Renaissance. About the Medieval origin of this church reminds a wooden crucifix inside the temple and other elements of that time, e.g. a valuable sculpture of St. Olaf that stays in the National Heritage Museum in Oslo. The church is open to tourists in summer.