Church number 2115

6.82272E, 59.83073N

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XIII, Norway

The church is situated by the river of the same name ? Roldal. It is assumed that Roldal church was built between 1200 and 1250. A lot of the church equipment come from the Medieval Ages, for example a baptismal font, a crucifix or the wooden sculptures of St. Olaf and Holy Mother with Baby Jesus which are in the Museum in Bergen. In Medieval Ages, Roldal church received a lot of votive gifts from the pilgrims what made that small town quite a wealthy place. In XVII century, the walls were covered with rich paintings and the main altar was decorated by Gottfried Hendtzchell, the German painter from Wrocław, in 1629. During the renovation in 1844, there occurred some facts from the history of the church that led to research which was supposed to determine how the church was built. Some opinions even suggested that because Roldal is different from other stavkirke, it shouldn?t belong to this group. Some controversies are still present. The question is, if Roldal church belongs to the older type of sacred architecture than the stave churches stavkirke or not. Roldal church is still used during church ceremonies and throughout summer season it is open to tourists.