Church number 2112

7.24241E, 61.18461N

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XII, Norway

Kaupanger stavkirke is a church which original form was restored in result of a renovation in 1960. It is the biggest out of all Norwegian stavkirke and it is made of the biggest number of logs. It is a church which has been used for ceremonies since its erection. Kaupanger church was erected in XII century probably on the ruins on the two previous churches. In the Middle Ages, Kaupanger was a market city which king Sverre ordered to burn down in 1184 to punish the citizens for disobedience. It was assumed that the stavkirke also burnt in that fire, however, dendrological dating shows that wood used for building this church was cut in 1137. Morover, the Sverris saga does not mention burning down the church so the archeologists date the erection of this church around 1150. This church underwent several attempts of rebuilding , however, a medieval construction has remained intact. The pulpit, altar and font comes from XVII century.