Church number 2006

-21.81928E, 64.11866N

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XIX, Iceland

Church known nowadays as Árbæjarkirkja was originally situated in Silfrastaðir in Skagafjörður, in the north part of Iceland. It was built in 1842, but over half a century later it was replaced by a newer building. Timber that was used to raise the church was later employed in a bath construction. The bath was in turn torn down in 1959, and the remaining material was transported to the museum in Árbær (which is now a district of Reykjavik) and used to construct a church for museum purposes in 1960. Among original artefacts the pulpit attracts its guests´s attention in particular. During reconstruction of the church the documentation from the National Archive was used as a reference, and the church itself is very alike to the church In Víðimýri.