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-17.85965E, 63.72783N

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XIX, Iceland

Núpsstaður is the most eastern farm in Fljótshverfi, to the West from an interesting hill called Lómagnúpur. It has been a church site for a long time. Current praying place is said to be built in the middle of 19th century. It was most probably created by Nikulás Jónsson (1831-1920) and is smaller than the previous church in this place. It is 5,2 meter long and 2,5 meter wide at the east end and 2,2 meter at the door. The height to the roof ridge is 1,8 meter. Walls can be even 2,5 meter thick, filled with stones and turf. The church seats 30 to 40 people. For a longer period the building was used as a store room, but it still carried a name of a gospel hall. It was the first building in Iceland to come under protection of the National Museum in 1930. It was renovated by the National Museum during the period of 1958-1960 and used for the mass again in 1961. The church is surrounded by other old buildings belonging to a farm, which are also under protection of the Icelandic National Museum.