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-19.47054E, 65.53820N

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XIX, Iceland

The church at Víðimýri (Skagafjörður) is said to be one of the most beautiful examples of Icelandic architecture. It was built in 1834 by a carpenter and a member of parliament Jón Samsonarson from Keldudalur and consecrated in 1935. The church is made of timbers selected from the driftwood spreads of the Skagi County and the turf from the lands of Víðimýri. Building a turf wall was very complicated, because it required many layers - a layer of large stones at the bottom, covered by clods of turf, stacked in a regular pattern, topped by a long strip of turf (strengur) for reinforcement. Most of the timber in the church is original, but the turf has been regularly renewed. The altarpiece was created in 1616, probably in Denmark. Many artefacts from the Víðimýri Church are now preserved in the National Museum of Iceland. The farm of Víðimýri was in the past owned and seated by one of the most important and powerful dynasties of the country, the Ásbirnings. Probably the first church was built there soon after Iceland took Christianity in 1000. Interesting fact is that during the times of the acceptance of Christianity, the women were supposed to share the northern side of the churches and the men the southern part. At the same time, the poorest were used to sit in the back and the richest closest to the altar. According to the oldest data from around 1318 the church was dedicated to Mother Mary and Peter the Apostle.