Shrine number 2462

16.41001E, 54.42217N

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1975-2000, XX, Poland

A wooden cross without a figure is located in the area of Our Lady of Częstochowa Parish in Darłowo. On the vertical beam there is an inscription in Kashubian: “Më trzimómë z Bogem” (“We side with God”) and the date “A.D. MCMLXXXX” (1990). The cross is surrounded by a low, wooden fence. There are two stones next to it. One of them bears an inscription: “LUDU MÓJ POMORSKI NIEMY WYKUWANY JAK POMNIK PRZEDDZIEJOWY Z SKANDYNAWSKICH GŁAZÓW PIORUNAMI DZIEJOWEJ BURZY POORANY /POMORZANIE/ A. MAJKOWSKI” (“MY POMERANIAN PEOPLE MUTED MADE AS THE BEFORE-TIME MONUMENT WITH SCANDINAVIAN BOULDERS CARVED BY HISTORICAL THUNDER AND TEMPEST /POMERANIANS/ A MAJKOWSKI”). On the second one there is a coat of arms of Kashubians - the image of a Griffin.