Shrine number 106

18.05205E, 54.74565N

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1975-2000, XX, Poland

A statue of Pensive Christ is situated inside a tree trunk and it is covered with a hip roof. There are initials of the author "NW" on the trunk (Władysław Niemczyk). The shrine is located in an open-air ethnographic museum - Zagroda Gburska and Rybacka in Nadole. A department of Florian Ceynowa's Puck Museum in Puck. The object came to the museum in 2003 as a gift of Puck Starost Artur Jabłoński. The author - Władysław Niemczyk - "a folk artist, sculptor and a poet from Rzucewo. Born on 03.03.1934 in Bydgoszcz. He used to live in Gdynia during the war, then in Słuchowo Górne near Wierzchucino. Later, he was working in distillery in Lędzichowo near Lębork. He moved to Rzucewo around 1968 and worked in a local bickyard. He used wood and clay for his work. He took part in creating a Papal altar in Sopot in 1999. He was awarded a number of times, he exhibited his works in Puck Museum and in the Ethnographic Museum in Gdańsk. He died on 25.10.2007." J.P. Dettlaff, in memory of Władysław Niemczyk....(1934-2007), Zapiski Puckie 7/2008, p. 214-215.