Shrine number 2271

19.33262E, 53.71684N

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1975-2000, XXI, Poland

This simple, wooden cross was erected in front of St. Rosalie church in Susz in 2000 on the occasion of Jubilee Year (there is an engraved inscription on the horizontal beam “Jubilaeum 2000”). On the vertical beam there are plaques commemorating sacred missions with following inscriptions: “3-10 March Anno Domini 2002 on 100th Jubilee of St. Rosalie parish in Susz. Conducted by priest Michał Kamiński priest Tomasz Koszyk from the Christ Society” and “Sacred Missions for the Visitation of Our Lady of Częstochowa Painting on 110th anniversary of St. Rosalie Parish in Susz on 25-30 March 2012”.