Shrine number 2100

19.36231E, 53.96610N

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2000-, XXI, Poland

Cross and a nearby monument are together a place that commemorates those who died at World War I. The cross is made of steel pipes which are surrounded from the outer side by a flat metal tape. The tape creates tree-leafed endings of the arms of the cross. In the centre there is a polychrome figurine of the crucified Christ and above it a plaque with “INRI” inscription. The cross is surrounded by a forged metal fence. A few metres away there is a granite boulder placed on a pedestal made of sett and fixed on cement mortar. On the polished, front side of the boulder there is an inscription written in German. On the pedestal there is a foundation plaque with a following inscription: “Monument for the deceased in World War I inhabitants of Bągart Parish. Reconstructed thanks to German Minority Society Sztum, Dzierzgoń. For Bągart inhabitants 2006”.