Shrine number 1919

18.96225E, 53.84900N

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2000-, XXI, Poland

The monument of Jesus Christ the King of Poland was erected around 2011. The figure is placed on a decorative concrete column. On a granite pedestal there is a golden inscription: “POLAND! YOUR KING IS COMING! Reign over us Christ! In our hearts, families and in our Country!”. Around the monument, under the granite steps, there are pots with garden flowers. Next to the object there is a granite plaque with an inscription: “«THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR POLAND IF IT RECOGNIZES ME AS ITS KING AND LORD THROUGH ENTHRONEMENT. I AM THE ONLY HOPE FOR POLAND» - Jesus Christ’s words said to Rozalia Celakówna the servant of God. «OPEN THE DOORS TO CHRIST!DO NOT BE AFRAID TO WELCOME CHRIST AND ACCEPT HIS POWER! DO NOT BE AFRAID!» HOLY FATHER JOHN PAUL II”. In front of the monument, on its right side, there are three masts with flags: Polish, Marian and Papal.