Shrine number 1981

18.86920E, 53.75015N

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1925-1950, XX, Poland

Two-storey, whitewashed, pointed-shaped shrine. In front it is topped with an ornamental metal crucifix, in the back – with a metal pennant with date “1946”. On the sides it is topped with four metal lilies. Flag holder was fixed in the back. Above a front glazed niche with a figure of Immaculate Mary there is a bas-relief depicting the head of Jesus in the crown of thorns. On the sides of the niche – two black, metal lanterns topped with crosses, glazed on the sides with a symbol of the cross in the front. Second storey, which is separated with a cornice and a fragment of a miniature, metal fence, is decorated with a metal covering that has engraved symbols of faith, hope and love – painted black cross and an anchor and a red heart out of which a yellow lily comes. The shrine stands on a two-step podium. The whole object is surrounded with a