Shrine number 1974

18.95611E, 53.85083N

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1900-1925, XX, Poland

On a concrete pedestal with a granite cornice, where a big whitewashed figure of Immaculate Mary stands, there is a granite plaque with a poem and information: "KOCHAJĄC SERCA BLIZNY NA ŁONO OJCZYZNY WRÓCIŁAŚ NAS CUDEM MARYJO! CZEŚĆ I CHWAŁA TOBIE NIE PRZEBRZMI I W GROBIE ZA MIŁOŚĆ NAD LUDEM KRÓLOWO! TO COMMEMORATE WINNING THE PLEBISCITE IN JANOWO IN 1922 THE INHABITANTS OF THE VILLAGE PLACED IN THIS PLACE A FIGURINE OF HOLY MOTHER WHICH WAS DAMAGED IN 1939. IN THE 80TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PLEBISCYTE THE INHABITANTS OF THE JANOWO PARISH FUNDED A REPLICA OF THE FIGURE. JANOWO 3.09.2000” Next to the figure there is a simple wooden cross reinforced with a metal bracket and it has a figure of Jesus (with the inscription INRI).